Welcome to La Mesada

The doors of La Mesada are opened to offer a world in which the landscape, history and livestock tradition are united to create benchmark facilities in Spain, raising exemplary horses and cattle. In a spectacular setting, right at the heart of the Cantabrian coastal strip, La Mesada is the ideal location for raising and handling the very best competition horses and the local breed of cattle, Asturiana de los Valles. 

Pasion Ecuestre

Equestrian Passion

A breeding and raising centre, La Mesada brings to Spain the vitality of the most promising European breeds of competition horses. A job that day after day, has become a genuine passion for the equestrian world. 
Casta vacuna

Bovine Cattle

Our animals enjoy a unique location, tended by the team of expert cattle farmers who take great measures to ensure they grow to become the best specimens of the Asturiana de los Valles breed. 


Meet our best specimens

Female| Asturiana de los Valles
An outstanding cow on our farm, with several prestigious regional competition awards. Mother of one ASEAVA breeding bull. Dazzling winner of 2 national championships. We have several of her calves on our farm. Very high genetic potential. 
Won first prize in the 7 to 9 years section in the Grand Championships of Dry Cows in the 40th Concurso Exposición de Ganado Cattle Show Competition in Llanera. 
Hannoveraner Crespo
Male| Hannoveraner